At just 16 years old, I was unfortunate enough to experience a car accident that not only left my car totaled, but that left me total(ly) aware of the brevity of life.

 Learning how to get my freedom back from the traumatizing crash, I took a new take to exploration: by foot. I quickly noticed that I was exercising more, discovering locations, shops and landmarks that were just a few blocks from my front door—here my affinity for urban exploration grew. I wanted to remember every second of the euphoria of travel and exploration—I captured every moment with my friends on camera. Indulging in this new-found passion, these personal photos quickly led to approaches for professional photoshoots with the background being the urban sights I found so mesmerizing. 

 The crash led me to believe that most blessings come in disguise. I was inspired by this ideology to create a streetwear-inspired lifestyle brand that united those who have an innate curiosity to get out and explore the world around them. So when it came to designing Roses on Roses, every design represented this curiosity. Our growing team of ambassadors work with Roses on Rosesfrom those who enjoy walking, skating, biking, surfing, hiking, climbing, and all in all just exploring and living life to the fullest, fearless of the brevity of lifeto create a brand that embraces those who strive to be the best versions of themselves every. single. day.

— @adhirajhangal